El otro yo - estallando tu lado salvaje

Early line ups included musicians such as Sergio Ucci (Alerta Roja), Gabo Manelli (Los Brujos, Juana La Loca and Babasónicos), Lee-chi (Los Brujos) and many more. Back then, María Fernanda played keyboards meanwhile Cristian was the lead singer and guitar player. Later on, Omar Kischinovsky joined the band on drums and Daniel Rodríguez on bass, but Daniel left the band in order to pursue a career playing the sitar, which has proved to be successful. Due to the lack of a bass player, María Fernanda left the keyboards to replace Daniel. Now a trio, they left Temperley and started playing in Capital Federal, Córdoba, Mendoza and other Argentinian provinces. There are several demos that capture the work of all these line ups, but they never were released on CD. Back in 1992, they already had a demo with two tracks (“Los pájaros” and “Sexo en el elevador”) and used two decks to make home recordings of songs such as "Analía", "Hola papá", "Vacaciones" and "Caminando". That same year, they released their first self-managed production: LOS HIJOS DE ALIEN. It was the first release of Besótico Records, the band’s own label, thus sealing their independent personality. Carrying a small backpack, Cristian was in charge of distributing the album around the record shops. The cassette was regarded as Best Record of the Year by No, the rock section of Página 12, and also voted by several well-known artists as Best Album on the Sí music section of Clarín.

El Otro Yo - Estallando Tu Lado SalvajeEl Otro Yo - Estallando Tu Lado SalvajeEl Otro Yo - Estallando Tu Lado SalvajeEl Otro Yo - Estallando Tu Lado Salvaje